LWF World Service response to COVID-19

The new coronavirus disease outbreak (COVID-19) has also had an impact on the humanitarian and development work which LWF has been doing world wide. Through its humanitarian and development arm, LWF World Service, LWF serves more than 2.2 million people in 25 countries. Many have been forcibly displaced and live in refugee camps and –settlements. Other live in remote communities, with little or no access to basic services such as water, sanitation and health care.

LWF has been working with those communities for years, sometimes decades. The majority of our staff are national and local aid workers, who live with the people LWF serves. They continue the work they have been doing, as much as new hygiene regulations allow. In addition, many have increased the water and sanitation work, raised awareness and provided information to affected populations.

Below you’ll find select examples, photo and video material. Recent updates can also be found on the country profiles

The material is free to be used, provided you credit LWF.

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