LWF Workshop “Seeking Conviviality. Faithful Living in Diversifying Europe”


The kick-off workshop for the three-year process will involve about 5 people each from the three LWF regions—Central Eastern Europe, Central Western Europe and Nordic—and staff from the LWF and its partner organization, the International Academy for Diaconia and Social Action in Central and Eastern Europe (interdiac). The process is jointly organized by the LWF Europe Desk and interdiac.

The program has been designed to enable cooperation of diaconal actors across Europe. Its working method will follow the practice of earlier workshops that focused on learning from what is shared by each participant and from the context in which they meet. The idea is to produce a work plan and establish a way of communicating among the group members. The main focus of the next stage of the LWF European Diaconal Process will be on growing diversities in the context of migration and the role of churches.

Outcomes of the previous process are documented in an evaluation report, reflections and practical proposals for mutual cooperation in the latest publication, Seeking Conviviality.

Reflections and practice on the welfare and economy are presented in Towards a Convivial Economy.


Event Agenda

Invitation Only
12:00 AM GMT+02:00
13 November 2017
12:00 AM GMT+02:00
16 November 2017

Rudolf Andorka Evangelikus Konferencia és Missziói Központ

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