LWF Global Communication Network Meetings

LWF Council 2018 Photo: LWF/S. Gallay
LWF Council 2018 Photo: LWF/S. Gallay


LWF's Global Communication Network will provide an online platform for communicators from member churches to meet, to meet the LWF communication team, learn about the LWF Global Communication Network and give input on how the network can enhance their communications work.   

  1. Discuss communications in various contexts across the regions  
  2. Meet the LWF Communications team and who to contact for information and resources 
  3. Introduction to the LWF Global Communication Network concept 
  4. Input for what communicators want from a Global Communication Network 

Two time slots will be offered to ensure communicators from all countries can attend: 

  • Asia/Africa/Europe time zones: 10-11 (Geneva, Switzerland), 11-12 (Addis Ababa), 16-17 (Manila) 
  • Latin America and the Caribbean/North America/Europe time zones: 9-10 (Chicago), 11-12 (Buenos Aires), 16-17 (Geneva) 

Interpretation in Spanish and French available.


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Open to All
All Day
21 October 2021


1 Route des Morillons
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