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The Lutheran Hermeneutics program finished in 2017.

For information on current programs on Theology please see here.


Biblical Interpretation. Hermeneutics. Lutheran identity. Contextual theology.

The hermeneutics program seeks to strengthen the capacities of member churches to understand the word of God that comes through Scripture and the Lutheran theological heritage that looks to renew the church and society.

We focus on biblical interpretation in light of the Lutheran tradition and the diverse life situations of the worldwide communion.

Our programs offer Lutherans tools to help them read their Bibles fruitfully.


  • Bring together theologians from diverse regions of the LWF to read together chosen texts of the Bible and Luther’s works, focusing on a particular issue
  • Publish consultation documents for the broader communion
  • Hold hermeneutics workshops for member churches to strengthen the capacity of pastors
  • Train theology and seminary faculties in transformative hermeneutics


We arrange regional hermeneutics workshops in consultation with the Department for Mission and Development on various themes that incorporate gender justice and advocacy concerns.

Consultations on the horizon

2014 | Focusing on Matthew’s gospel | Chicago

2015 | Focusing on Pauline letters | 24–29 September 2015, Aarhus, Denmark

2016 | Harvesting event feeding into 2017 | Bolivia

2017 | Lutheran Hermeneutics Statement | Assembly, Windhoek, Namibia

Get Involved

  • Scholars | Write reviews of our publications
  • Churches | Invite us to run workshops for pastors and preachers
  • Communities | Use our published materials
  • All | Seek funding for broader participation in regional workshops