Interreligious collaboration. Engaging plurality. Mutual respect. Empowering communities. Renewing theology.

What does faith mean for my neighbor? The Public Theology and Interreligious Relations program responds to this question openly.

Our program strengthens relationships between religious leaders and theologians across different faith communities. We work with other faiths to explore how we can better live together in plural societies and overcome destructive forces.

We nurture reflection among faith leaders on issues such as public space and equal citizenship to discover what they mean in different contexts. And we explore Lutheran theological resources to find constructive responses to religious pluralism.

This program facilitates authentic encounter between religious leaders, theologians and interfaith activists, building mutual trust.

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Resources and Publications

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Interfaith Initiative | Creating Public Space

What are our theological, sociological and political understandings of public space in our different contexts? We want to dialogue with our interfaith partners on the legal framework for religious space in society, touching on issues such as freedom and equal rights in the face of discrimination. Through intentional networking, we look to highlight the role of academic institutions in enhancing religious communities’ capacity to engage on interfaith issues in constructive ways.

Launched January 2014 | Three-year process with four conferences in different regions | Sharing insights   

Religions and Renewal | Interfaith Visions for Change

What is the link between social and religious change? As we look to Reformation 2017, we invite people from different faith communities to share their visions for renewal and to develop joint theological understanding on these processes.

Launched August 2014 | Three-year process with conferences in different regions | Sharing experiences and stories from “places of renewal”

Lutheran Interreligious Network

We are developing a network of churches, agencies and projects involved in interfaith work to share about successes and challenges.  

In development | Open-ended process


  • Mapping of resources and needs in Lutheran communion regarding interreligious relations
  • Developing LWF interfaith strategy
  • Launching Lutheran Interreligious Network
  • Collecting best practice examples
  • “Creating Public Space” conferences


  • religious leaders and theologians
  • Lutheran academic institutions
  • Muslim academic institutions
  • interfaith initiatives and dialogue centers
  • civil society institutions fostering public space and equal citizenship


We cooperate closely with the DTPW Office for International Affairs and Human Rights. We also assist the Department for World Service as it develops cooperation with Muslim humanitarian organizations.

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