Ignore, resist, or engage? - Public Theology Webinar

National flags on display at an urban café in Tehran, Iran. Photo: Unsplash/Farzad Mohsenvand
National flags on display at an urban café in Tehran, Iran. Photo: Unsplash/Farzad Mohsenvand


Global responses to religious nationalism

In recent years, political leaders increasingly use religious symbols and language to gain support from voters. Faith is no longer confined to the private sphere, but now has taken on a public expression. What is the responsibility of faith leaders at a local and national level? How can we collaborate with like-minded citizens and support government initiatives that promote a more inclusive society?

This webinar aims to support religious leaders, concerned citizens of all faiths and traditions to respond constructively to religious nationalism. The webinar will focus on the rise of nationalism associated with versions of Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. The webinar would bring three perspectives to draw on insights from India, Indonesia, and the United States of America, but we believe the discussions and reflections will have global relevance. 


  • Sathianathan Clarke, the Bishop Sundo Kim Chair in World Christianity and Professor of Theology, Culture, and Mission at Wesley Theological Seminary. Author of Competing Fundamentalisms: Violent Extremism in Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism 
  • Dicky Sofjan, Core Doctoral Faculty in the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS), the Principal Investigator for a nine-country program entitled "Religion, Public Policy and Social Transformation in Southeast Asia" 
  • Angela Denker, Lutheran Pastor, writer, speaker. Author, Red State Christians: Understanding the Voters Who Elected Donald Trump 


  • Sivin Kit, Program Executive for Public Theology and Interreligious Relations, Lutheran World Federation. 

Closing Remarks: 

  • Kathryn Lohre, Assistant to the Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Executive for Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Relations & Theological Discernment. 



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