LWF works alongside our member churches as they develop the capacity to serve in their contexts. 

DMD’s training support programs help member churches acquire qualified personnel for spiritual care and social services. 

Improved theological education and institutional sustainability are priorities as well to promote study of Lutheran identity, ecumenical learning and training of pastors. 

We collaborate with our member churches in setting up human resources procedures so that staff receives support and training appropriate to local needs. 

Program areas

Training support for diakonia 

What | Supports training for diaconal work in the areas of ecological sustainability, food security, and social or economic development 

How | See toolkit for application procedure and further details 

Strategic support for theological education 

What | Supports strategic initiatives in the area of theological education that aims to build institutional capacity, such as curricula review, faculty exchange, or partnership development 

How | Contact the Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) desk 

Strategic Leadership Seminars/Workshops 

What | Assists churches to develop human resource policies and put into practice the LWF regional frameworks for human and institutional capacity development 

How | Contact the Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) desk 

Who is eligible for support?

LWF member churches | Applications considered based on human and institutional capacity development priorities 

Other churches | Applications must demonstrate that training support would benefit an LWF member church or the LWF as a whole. An LWF member church endorsement is required. 

How is the program funded?

DMD raises funds for training support by collaborating with partners and other agencies. Member churches and candidates to be trained from relatively high-income countries are expected to cover part of the training cost; those from low-income countries are encouraged to make contributions. 

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