Hope Speech, not Hate Speech

Photo: Unsplash/Dan Edge
Photo: Unsplash/Dan Edge


Webinar on “Addressing hostility and overcoming divisiveness in the public space”

The rising phenomenon of hate speech in social media is alarming. Many politicians and citizens disrupt civil discourse with dividing polemics. It is rare to hear calm and respectful discussions about social cohesion in the public space. News reports often focus on exclusionary religious opinions. But religious actors have the potential to contribute positively to the public media space.

During these times of evolving technologies and methods of communication, churches are called to be active voices for justice, peace and hope, especially among the most marginalized communities. What are the antidotes to the current hostile environment in the media space? Religious advocates for dialogue, reconciliation and hope can offer a constructive way forward.

Join speakers from Europe, North America, and Latin America as they reflect on ways to address hate speech and offer hope speech in its place. Hear from a variety of perspectives about lessons learned during this time of pandemic and polarization.

Opening Remarks:

  • Jocelyn Fuller, Senior director of Strategic Communications, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


  • Philip Lee, General Secretary, The World Association for Christian Communication
  • Klára Balicza, Coordinator at Department for Ecumenical and Foreign Relations, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary
  • Renato Valenga, Youth Leader, Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil


  • Pauline Mumia, Communication Officer: Theology and Publications Editor, The Lutheran World Federation
  • Rev. Dr Sivin Kit, Program Executive for Public Theology and Interreligious Relations, The Lutheran World Federation

Closing remarks:

  • Rev Arni Svanur Danielsson, Head of Communications, The Lutheran World Federation



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Event languages: English, with simultaneous translation into Spanish, and Portuguese


Open to All
3:00 PM GMT+02:00
26 May 2021
4:30 PM GMT+02:00
26 May 2021



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