Young Reformers’ Space

Young Reformers Space is a monthly discussion platform within the Global Young Reformers Network 2.0 to learn from one another, share our ways of working, express our ideas and amplify the questions and concerns that need to be addressed in our church and society.

This takes place every last Friday of the month. The young Lutherans discuss mainly on the three LWF Youth priorities: Revival of churches, Equity and Education and two cross-cutting priorities, Climate Justice and Youth Participation as reflected in the youth message to the LWF Twelfth assembly.

29 May 2020

LWF Youth discuss COVID-19 impacts



  • Tsegahun Assefa Adugna from EECMY,Ethiopia : “Maintaining spiritual health in times of Pandemic”
  • Savanna Sullivan from ELCA, USA: “COVID impact on mental health”
  • Tumpak Hutabarat from HKBP, Indonesia : “Economic security of young people”

26 June 2020

Living a new normal


  • Jeebita Moshahari : Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church, India
  • Veronica Palsson : Church of Sweden
  • Renato Valenga : Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil
  • Leonard Haruna : Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria


October 2019

Global Young Reformers Network 2.0 - Asia Regional Meeting

The Global Young Reformers of Asia gather for its Annual Regional Meeting in October 2019 in North Sumatera, Indonesia

October 2019

Global Young Reformers Network 2.0 - European Regional Meeting

The Global Young Reformers of Europe gathering "Mission Eine Welt" in Bavaria in October 2019.


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* Global Young Reformers Network 2.0 is a program of the LWF that engages the next generation of youth from the LWF member churches who are eager to contribute to the life and reformation of church and society.