We are a communion of churches in ongoing reformation. Young Lutherans today do not want just to maintain their traditions. They continue to read the Bible, ask challenging questions and take bold action.  

The Global Young Reformers Network is building a vibrant network of young people who will engage Lutheran churches in a meaningful way on the road to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.


A program for and by young people.

This inclusive, global LWF youth network is exploring contextual questions in the framework of their Lutheran heritage, theology and identity. And then they will take action together to address urgent needs.


Young leaders from LWF member churches will meet face-to-face and network online, with coordination via the LWF Youth Desk. A steering committee of seven young people and a creative advisor is guiding the work.


2014 – launch and virtual meetings | 2015 - Wittenberg encounter | Up to 2017 -  living Reformation projects

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