Global Perspectives on the Reformation

Photo: LWF/H. Martinussen
Photo: LWF/H. Martinussen


Global Perspectives on the Reformation launches the three-year Reformation anniversary core period. It offers a forum for global discernment on the impact of the Reformation on church and society, and will be a platform for discussing the interaction between theological thinking, economics and politics in the twenty-first century. We discuss the role of theology in addressing crucial questions related to political and economic realities in different contexts today.

Some 70 participants will be invited, with extra space for self-funded participants. LWF General Secretary Martin Junge will give an opening presentation on the first evening, followed by three conference days and an excursion in Windhoek. The conference days will be made up of plenary sessions with contextual Bible studies, keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops and group discussions.

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  • Martin Junge and Kaisamari Hintikka - conference goals
  • Anne Burghardt and Kenneth Mtata - relevance of theological education
  • Lesmore Gibson Ezekiel - inter-religious relations and public space
  • Lilana Kasper - gender justice
  • Barbara Rossing - overarching issues for the Lutheran communion
  • Tomas Sedlacek - economics
  • Johannes Zeiler - religion and development
  • Samuel Liu - theological education

Conference objectives:

  1. To encourage LWF member churches and partner organisations to increasingly reflect on and study the LWF themes of the Reformation anniversary
  2. To ensure practical processes and actions grow out of both the anniversary themes and from the triangular "theology-politics-economics" relationship
  3. To continue to articulate what it means to be Lutheran today
  4. To welcome the understanding, contextual insight and knowledge of LWF member churches from all parts of the world, to see them as gifts and to bring them into conversation in order to shape and deepen the theology, spiritual life and joint work of the communion
  5. To contribute to the LWF as a reliable and effective voice for justice, peace and human rights
  6. To define common theological agenda for the communion

The LWF is one of the partners of the Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany, EMW, in the project Reformation – Education – Transformation.



Open to All
3:00 PM GMT+02:00
28 October 2015
4:00 PM GMT+02:00
01 November 2015

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Reformation in global perspectives
Interactions between theology
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