The LWF participates in and contributes to international humanitarian networks and organizations to advance humanitarian accountability, advocacy, and quality.

Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response (SCHR)

The SCHR is a voluntary alliance of nine of the world’s leading humanitarian organizations including the LWF.

We share an aim to improve the quality, effectiveness, accountability, and impact of aid efforts for people affected by crisis.

Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response

Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) International

HAP International is a multi-agency initiative working to improve the accountability of humanitarian action to people affected by disasters and other crises.

The LWF is HAP 2010 certified as of January 2012.

Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) International

International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA)

ICVA is a platform for increased collaboration and coordination between NGOs and other humanitarian actors, which is crucial to improving the lives of communities affected by humanitarian crisis. The LWF is a member of ICVA.

International Council of Voluntary Agencies

The Sphere Project

Sphere works to improve the quality and accountability of humanitarian assistance through the development and promotion of humanitarian standards. Their global manual provides key standards for various sectors including water, food, health, and protection. We are proud to have had a key role in the founding of Sphere in 1997.

The Sphere Project