DWS finances in 2018

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During the year, we reported a total turnover €139 million, a 10% decrease from the previous financial year. This reduction was mainly due to lower income from emergency response programs in 2018 as compared to previous years.

2018 LWF WS income

The Related Organizations provided €35.4 million of the funding (€44.9 million in 2017). The LWF member churches and ecumenical partners generously provided €2.4 million (€3.1 million in 2017). The UN organizations provided €28.7 million (€34.1 million in 2017) towards our work, while €13.2 million euros (€10.8 million in 2017) came from Government grants.  €49.2 million (€51.5 million in 2017) of the income relate to Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem. €10.5 million came from international organizations, local fundraising and non-project income.

We give special thanks to all our donors who have continued to support our work during these challenging economic times.


The expenditure for the year was €135.7 million. The expenditure level reflects a similar decrease of 10% as compared to 2017.

2018 LWF WS expenditure

Expenditure on DRR & Emergency response was €61 million (€74m in 2017). Euros 11 million was spent on Livelihoods work (€15m in 2017) while €6 million was spent on Justice and Peace work. Expenditure on Augusta Victoria Hospital was €48.3 million (€50m in 2017) while €5.4 million was classified as non-project expenditure.

We spent 3% (€4.5 million) of the annual turnover on the coordination costs. Coordination costs relate to the expenses incurred by World Service office in Geneva. The expenses include program coordination, Quality assurance and accountability, Finance coordination, Grant management, Fundraising, Procurement & logistics, Human resources, IT and communications. These services play a crucial role in providing the core organizational support for the World Service programs globally.


We had a successful fundraising year securing a total of €10.4 million (11 new grants) in 2018, surpassing the target of € 8 million. The global funding team secured a total of €12.8 million including multi-year grants running through to 2020. 

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Partner with us and help us make a difference in the lives of people in need throughout the world.

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