DWS finances in 2014


Where our funds came from

In 2014, World Service funding increased by nearly 13 percent on the previous year to €104.6m. Our network of related orgazisations continue to provide much of this funding (38 percent), with United Nations and other government grants totalling €32.9m. World Service continuted to diversify its donor base and secured three new grants from the US government's Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration to support two refugee operations in Uganda and one in Chad. It also won a contract from EuropeAid to support child education in camps for internally displaced poeple in Rakhine, Myanmar.

How we spend the funds

Thanks to our renewed and strengthened response capacity, we were able to expand our interventions in new and on-going disasters in 2014. Half the total 2014 spending was directed to responding to natural or human-made disaster (€50.4m), a figure that was up 10 percent on 2013. Just over a third of funding was used to create sustainable communities, with activities such as supporting marginalized communities to produce enough food.    


Where the funds were spent

Most funding went to our work in Africa. We also expanded operations in the Middle East with new refugee work in Jordan.

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