COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund for LWF Member Churches



The COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge to the world community. Many of the 149 LWF member churches live in contexts that are particularly vulnerable for such emergencies. They are oftentimes front-line responders based on their deep connection with communities, and the weight of their witness. During this exceptional time churches are called to continue offering their vibrant witness while participating in God’s holistic mission by sharing messages of hope and solidarity, by providing diaconal services, and by advocating for adequate response to the pandemic and support to the population.

Churches offer pastoral care and counselling to people in fear and to those being sick or dying from the disease. They also provide practical support and social services to the wider communities affected by the novel coronavirus, be it through medical care, livelihoods support, or similar diaconal action. Finally, churches can play an important role in countering stigma resulting from the pandemic, and in advocating towards duty bearers to deliver adequate social services to affected communities. In doing so, church staff are particularly vulnerable to the virus themselves by serving people in need through holistic mission.

The role and added value of the LWF Communion Office

As a Communion of Churches, the LWF members stand in solidarity with one another. In this time of severe challenges they seek to equip each other so that they are able to offer their ministry to the people they serve.

The LWF Communion Office has created a space for showing solidarity by setting up a COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund (RRF). The purpose is to support member churches with short-term grants coming from this dedicated fund for implementation of specific COVID-19 prevention and response work. Any RRF project presented by churches following this call for applications has to address unforeseen and urgent needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a global communion of 149 churches, the LWF is in the right position to coordinate support to its member churches as they respond to the new challenges the novel coronavirus poses for them and the wider communities. Through deep knowledge of and close connectedness with churches in the different regions, the LWF Communion Office in Geneva is able to identify most urgent needs and prioritize support accordingly so that no one is left behind, including churches without rich partner networks. In implementing the funding, the LWF Communion Office is able to build upon previous experience and existing systems relating to the Member Church Projects (i.e. mid- and long-term projects initiated and implemented by churches with support from the Communion Office in Geneva).


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