Advocacy is central to our work at every level as we help communities to achieve their goals for justice and peace. This includes human rights education and advocacy, peace building, and conflict resolution.

We also pro-actively develop local capacities for leadership and governance and promote access to essential services.

We believe we have the dual role of both accompanying communities in grassroots advocacy and also connecting local knowledge with national and international advocacy efforts.

We know we are stronger when we join our voice with others and so we work closely with ecumenical partners, ACT Alliance, and the World Council of Churches to influence international policy.

Community access to essential services

We believe that sustainable development means that all communities can provide and access essential services like education, healthcare, child protection, and recreation.

Therefore, the LWF helps communities acquire the resources and capabilities that that they identify as their most critical needs.

As we do so, children and youth are a key priority and we work with communities to ensure the most vulnerable and marginalized can access services and support.

Peace building and conflict prevention

The LWF works in environments where emergencies, inequity, and injustice can spur violence and insecurity.

We constantly strive to understand the causes, drivers, and triggers of violent conflict, and we apply "Do No Harm" principles across all programs and interventions.

We aim to promote peace in the short and long-term by relying on the local trust that we build with communities.

When a more direct approach to conflict resolution is required, we bring together conflicting partners in carefully guided discussions, dialogue, and negotiations.

In the long-term, we promote peace education curricula in schools, churches, and other social institutions in order to achieve a lasting peace and justice for generations to come.

What We Do

We tirelessly work to empower community-led action for human rights, justice, and peace