Churches as Agents for Justice and Against Populism

Joint engagement for justice: Interfaith bicycle demonstration at the climate conference in Bonn in 2017. Photo: Sean Hawkey/WCC


Public Theology in Global Intercontextual Dialogue

In recent time, nationalist populist movements have become highly influential, endorsing exclusionary strategies that fragment societies and marginalize people. Churches are called to respond by strengthening respect and equal participation, and by widening the civil society discourse through exchange between different contexts and social locations.

The conference has several aims: examining the mechanics of exclusionary populist movements, clarifying theological arguments against divisive politics, and – thereby – encouraging participatory processes that strengthen people’s agency in church and society.

The Evangelical Academy in Berlin, Bread for the World, the Church of Sweden, and The Lutheran World Federation bring together theologians, church leaders and political scientists from different parts of the world to further initiatives for inclusion, justice and religious pluralism. The speakers and participants of the conference come from over 25 countries, and will introduce perspectives from church leadership, political science and theology.


Event Agenda


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12:00 AM GMT+01:00
02 May 2018
12:00 AM GMT+01:00
04 May 2018

VCH - Hotel Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus

30 Ziegelstraße
BerlinBerlin 10117


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