Church communicators talk audio


Communicating faith through radio and podcasts

Learn how four Lutheran communicators create entertaining, informative and engaging radio programs and podcasts for the church.

Speakers: Director Neng'ida Johhanes-Lairumbe, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania Upendo Media; Podcasters Rebecca Treimer and Christina Kwade of the “With Body and Soul” „Mit Leib und Seele“ youth-led podcast of the German National Church; and LWF Communication Officer Philippa Hitchen, a former radio journalist for Vatican Radio, join the LWF Global Communicators Network to talk about communicating through audio. 

  • Director Neng'ida Johhanes-Lairumbe will talk about the social, religious and ecumenical impact of a Lutheran radio broadcast in the Tanzania context. Johhanes-Lairumbe will also share the history of Upendo Radio and what training a communicator needs to manage a radio station.
  • Podcasters Rebecca Treimer and Christina Kwade will present how the youth-led podcast team of 10 created the GNC podcast “With Body and Soul,” „Mit Leib und Seele“ a program about Lutheran Identity, with absolutely no experience in podcasting. They will share what they learned along the way.
  • LWF Communication Officer Philippa Hitchen will talk about the history of Vatican Radio, the different styles of radio programming and how to present compelling live-on-air interviews. 

English with Spanish, German, French Interpretation (pending registrants) 

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2:00 PM GMT+02:00
18 August 2022
3:00 PM GMT+02:00
18 August 2022