Children’s Access to Health in Palestine

Augusta Victoria Hospital. Photo: Atta Jabr
Augusta Victoria Hospital. Photo: Atta Jabr


Side Event at Human Rights Council 43rd session: Palestinian children from Gaza facing obstacles to access health services

Children from Gaza face many challenges to access health services. AVH’s own Dr. Khadra Salami, as well as representatives of Médecins du Monde and Physicians for Human Rights Israel will discuss some of these challenges: frequent delays in obtaining travel permits, the separation of children from their parents when they go to East Jerusalem for treatment etc.

Perspectives and proposals for what can be done to improve the situation will also be presented.

  • All children diagnosed with cancer should be treated without delay
  • Once diagnosed with cancer the child should get a permit for an initial period of one year for active treatment and appropriate follow up, after which an assessment will be done on a case by case basis
  • All children referred for medical treatment outside Gaza should be accompanied by at least one parent

LWF has been present in Palestine since 1948. Due to the absence of a peaceful solution to the long-standing conflict between Israel and Palestine, human rights are frequently violated and protection needs are high. For 70 years, LWF has been operating the Augusta Victoria Hospital, situated on the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem. AVH is today a leading tertiary health provider in Palestine, specialized in oncology, nephrology and diabetes. AVH covers a gap in the Palestinian healthcare system, enabling Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza to access health services otherwise not available to them where they live. 30 % of the cancer patients in AVH come from Gaza. Each year, the hospital receives between 80 and 90 new cases of children with cancer under the age of 18.

EVENT: Open to anyone who holds or can access a UN badge

Location: Room XXII, Palais des Nations

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27 February 2020
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27 February 2020

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