WICAS Efforts on Advocacy for Women's Human Rights

For LWF WICAS being vocal and proactive in ensuring the respect of women’s human rights is indivisible from the promotion of gender justice within and outside the churches. A targeted advocacy efforts is a powerful tool to raise concern about gender imbalances, but also a meaningful way to engage with churches, with women’s networks, with faith-based organizations (FBO)’s and with other stakeholders, such as NGOs, UN specialized agencies and governments.

LWF WICAS advocacy work is grounded in the following principles:

  • Engaging with the protection of women’s human rights is at the heart of the LWF commitment to ensure the prophetic voice of the church in the public space.
  • By doing advocacy to promote gender justice the churches deepen their reflection and engage in movements of change toward more balanced gender and power relationships.
  • Successful advocacy efforts require capacity building, accompaniment and strong ties with a variety of stakeholders, therefore empowering women, church leaders and congregations is essential.

How We Work

LWF WICAS is active mainly in some UN platforms and mechanisms such as:

Our efforts focus on providing training on how to link local efforts with global advocacy using the above mentioned mechanisms and platforms. We also support member churches and their networks and collaborate with ecumenical partners to raise concern through the production of shadow/parallel reports and the organization of side-events during international UN gathering

Links to WICAS Actions on Advocacy