Holistic Mission - Global. Regional. Local.

Our role as the Department for Mission and Development is to accompany LWF member churches as they respond to the call to do mission in a holistic way.

We help churches work together on God’s mission globally and in the regions and sub-regions – with each shaping its approach according to the context.

We provide opportunities for our member churches to deepen relationships within their own churches, among themselves and with church-related organizations.

What do we mean by holistic mission?

We want to support our churches in developing the capacity to

  • proclaim the reconciling message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • carry out diaconal service among the vulnerable and those on the edges of society
  • advocate on behalf of the marginalized

Program Areas

To equip churches to deepen their relationships with one another, we support theological education and formation programs, efforts towards the full participation of women and youth, and improved leadership and good governance.

We promote Christian unity, human rights, peace and reconciliation, and seek to alleviate human suffering, including its root causes - social, economic and gender injustice.


Auditor's report 2018 - summary