60th Anniversary of Marangu Conference

Tanzanian and global Lutheran church leaders gather with other heads of churches in Africa outside the Moshi Town Cathedral. Photo: LWF/Allison Westerhoff


As the Lutheran communion prepares for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 to be held in concert with the 12th assembly in Windhoek, Namibia, the Lutheran communion in Africa also will remember the 60th anniversary of the Marangu Conference.  

Held in 1955, the Marangu Conference was the first all Africa Lutheran conference, which led to the birth of the Lutheran communion in the region.

Under the LWF Reformation and Assembly sub-theme: "Liberated by God's Grace: Salvation not for sale, creation not for sale and human beings not for sale", the commemoration will gather 150 delegates representing all levels of the Lutheran communion - from heads of churches and representatives of theological institutions to women and young reformers.

Meetings and workshops aim to address visions on reforming and sustaining the church in Africa. 

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8:00 am | 20 May Devotion/Bible Study God's Gift is NOT for Sale: Acts 8:18-20
11:00 am | 20 May Opening Workshop & Welcome VP Address & Keynote Greetings
02:00 pm | 20 May Afternoon Session I LWF GS on the Journey to 2017
4:00 pm | 20 May Afternoon Session II Being a Reforming Lutheran Church in Africa Today
8:00 pm | 20 May Evening Session Steering and Drafting Committee Meeting
8:00 am | 21 May Devotion/Bible Study Creation is NOT for Sale: Gen 2:15
11:00 am | 21 May Morning Session Group Work
2:00 pm | 21 May Afternoon Sessions LUCA & LUCA/ALCLC
8:00 pm | 21 May Evening Session Women, men & youth
8:00 am | 22 May Devotion/Bible Study Human Beings NOT for Sale: Amos 8:6, (James 5:1-4)
9 am | 22 May Morning Session Justification and Our Public Responsibility
8:00 am | 23 May Devotion/Bible Study Liberated to the live the Abundant Life: John 10:10
9:00 am | 23 May Morning Session I LWF President Message/Envisioning a Reforming and a Sustainable Lutheran Church in Africa
11:00 am | 23 May Morning Session II Marangu to Wittenberg -- Summary and a way forward: Final Report from drafting committee
9:00 am | 24 May Sunday Worship with Communion
11:00 am | 24 May Morning Session A taste of the History of Marangu
2:00 pm | 24 May Afternoon Session Exhibitions, choir concert
12:00 AM GMT+01:00
19 May 2015
12:00 AM GMT+01:00
25 May 2015

Uhuru Hotel & Conference Centre

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