Reformation 2017. As a communion, we are journeying towards the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation in 2017.

Reformation 2017 offers a unique opportunity for member churches to grow more closely together as a communion. It also is a time to reflect together on the key theological issues today in the midst of human struggle.



Rev. Anne Burghardt
Secretary for Ecumenical Relations
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Current 2017 Activities

2017 and the Bible

Exploring the meaning of Scripture for us today

The question of how to read the Bible was at the heart of the Reformation.  Today how we interpret the Bible and Lutheran confessional writings is crucial to our lives. Approaching 2017, we are asking how the Bible is understood in different parts of the Lutheran world.

Journey with Us




Telling the stories of women R/reformers

Our women’s networks are uncovering the stories of women who played important roles during the Reformation or in the years since.  We want to get to know these “forgotten” women, who have been agents for renewal in their communities.

Discover Their Stories

On the Horizon

  • Virtual Reformation 2017

This virtual space will be the go-to web address for member churches to share plans for commemorating the anniversary and get ideas for activities at the local level. Stay tuned for developments!

  • Theological Material

Member churches and others in the communion will be able to use study materials to explore the question of Lutheran identity and theology in the context of Reformation 2017.

  • Follow-up to Ecumenical Dialogues

Together with the Vatican, we are preparing liturgical materials that can be used by Catholics and Lutherans. With Anglicans we are reflecting on ways to jointly commemorate the Reformation. We are preparing materials for member churches to put the LWF’s commitment to reconciliation with Mennonites into action. We are involved in planning for several other ecumenical activities.

  • Interfaith Stories of Renewal

We will be sharing member church stories of social and religious renewal, and hearing stories of reform in other faith communities in order to strengthen our joint commitments to working for a more just, peaceful and reconciled world.

  • Worship 2017

The main worship service of the LWF Twelfth Assembly in 2017 will commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Representatives of Lutheran churches worldwide and ecumenical guests will listen to God’s Word, join together in prayer, praise and hymns, and experience the richness of different Lutheran traditions.

Global Young Reformers Network

Listening to God’s word. Questioning. Creating change.

Lutheran youth are launching a global network to see how the driving forces of the Reformation can be retooled for today.

Sneak Peek

Partners & Networks

DTPW is leading Reformation 2017 preparations in close cooperation with other LWF departments, member churches and ecumenical partners.

Ecumenical Partners

All our ecumenical partners are being invited to help shape Reformation 2017 commemorations. 

Global Young Reformers Network

The network aims to enhance youth participation in the commemoration of the Reformation anniversary.

Institute for Ecumenical Research

Based in Strasbourg, the institute is involved in research on Luther’s 95 theses, offering important expertise on questions of Lutheran theology, as well as on relations with ecumenical partners.  

LWF Global Network for 2017

The network consists of several representatives of member churches from all over the world, and plays an important role in the exchange of information about anniversary plans and preparations. 

Network of Theological Seminaries and Faculties

This network will reflect on how Lutheran faculties and seminaries might contribute to the commemoration of Reformation 2017. The network was formed after the global LWF consultation on theological education in Wittenberg in October 2012.

Women in Church and Society

The WICAS network looks to highlight the role that women have played in Lutheran churches.

Get involved 

Church leaders | Find out what is happening on the global level and tell about your church projects

Congregations | Share with your national church what your youth groups, choirs and Bible study groups are doing

Member Churches | Get inspiration from LWF Reformation 2017 materials and share them with your congregations

Member Churches | Talk with your congregations and see how they can link their activities with plans at the global level

All | Bookmark this page and check back to see how preparations are taking shape and how you can take part

2017 News

17 September 2014
LUBUMBASHI, Democratic Republic of Congo /GENEVA